Big dreams. Bright futures.


Three decades.

It all started when John Gunn prayed: “God, how can we reach vulnerable kids in the inner city?” In March 1993, Pastor Gunn opened The Power Company Kids Club in Pontiac, Michigan with 23 kids. Since then, thousands more have been transformed by Jesus. Today, our programs are run by amazing young men and women who grew up in the Power Company over the past 30 years! They oversee a volunteer army reaching more than 1,600 children each week in Detroit and Pontiac.

“God, how can we reach vulnerable kids in the inner city?”

– John gunn, Founder


Two cities.

The Motor City put the world on wheels. But changing times left many residents struggling for survival. Despite much progress, Detroit is still overrun with burned-out houses, vacant buildings, and abandoned schools. Where we focus our ministry, 94-percent of children live below the poverty line. Pontiac faces similar challenges of blight, gangs, and poverty, with 49-percent of kids below the poverty line. We feel called to serve these cities with such rich histories — to give hope and a future to urban youth.


One goal.

Our mission has always been to guide inner city youth toward healthy, successful, sustainable independence. How? By helping at-risk kids discover and develop their own strengths and talents. That’s what “empowering children” means. Because we focus on “building champions,” thousands of marginalized families are seeing their kids graduate from high school, attend college, and become godly leaders. It takes years of weekly training and in-home visits, but it’s worth it to impact countless generations to come.


There are many ways to get Plugged In, from financial support, volunteerism, sponsorships, and more…

To ensure the safety and security of our precious children, guests are welcome to view our program in-person, by invitation only. To schedule a visit, please contact our chief operations officer, Aaron Robinson via the get plugged in page.

We offer immersive, comprehensive training in urban children and youth outreach. Our interns learn everything from home visits and family engagement, program development, community engagement with civic and education leaders, lesson preparation, media, and more. Interns have immediate access to our top-level leaders, and are embraced as a part of the PCKC family. All of our current program leaders and directors are products of our internship program!