It Was Explosive!

Our partnership with our public schools continues to grow, as does our reach to the children in Detroit and Pontiac!

In addition to school assemblies, which we have conducted for the last 25 years, we are launching new programs on our school campuses, in order to increase our effectiveness in empowering children and building champions.

For the students and faculty at Walt Whitman Elementary, Power Company made the first day of the new school year unlike any other!

We threw them a Welcome Back Party, including a DJ, costumed characters, posters, and tons of energy! Dr. Powell, principal at Walt Whitman invited The PCKC to partner with her and the faculty to help improve truancy and behavioral challenges with their Tier 2 Students. 

This year, we launched the Power Company Breakfast Club

This on-campus program offers our leaders the opportunity to meet with Tier 2 students each week, providing mentorship and accountability. We are also adding those students to our weekly home visits!

Dr. Letha Powell – Principal, Walt Whitman Elementary
Kelly Williams – Superintendent, Pontiac Public School District

“If you want to see your child improve their behavior and really have a successful school year, you need to get them connected with Power Company… this is what they do!”

— Dr. Letha Powell (to the parents of Tier 2 Students)
Our school assemblies provide another opportunity to empower!  

When Cindy Lang, new principal of Herrington Elementary in Pontiac, was looking for a powerful way to kick off their PBIS (Preventative Behavioral Intervention & Support) Initiative, one of the teachers, Rhonda Smith, knew just who to call… Power Company Kids Club! 

We held two assemblies for all of their K-5 students, teaching a powerful lesson – STAY ON TRACK, WATCH HOW YOU ACT! Principal Lang was awestruck as she watched our team integrate the lesson into each of the track-inspired games the children played.

The relationships we have built with many of the students through our weekly home visits, makes our school assemblies one of the most effective outsourced programs our schools can offer their students! 

Every engagement with students in the schools is another opportunity to build relationships with our children in our programs and in their homes!